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Hello gorgeous ladies!  I know you've been waiting for all the details on our couples session deal, so here is all the info :)

First I want to talk about who this shoot is for and why it's an amazing thing to do.  This shoot is for any couple.  You can be dating, engaged, newly weds, or a couple who has been married for a long time.  Your marital/relationship status doesn't matter.  So many couples don't get quality photos of themselves until the wedding or engagement.  Then once the wedding is over, the couple often neglects to continue documenting their relationship. If they have children, they might get family photos, but they don't get photos of just the two of them to celebrate their relationship.  

You need to celebrate and document the two of you.  It's so important and really adds to the health and strength of the relationship.  It's not just about having beautiful photos of my husband and me together (but that is an important element), but rather about the experience. The shoot itself is time for us to have fun and bond.  I can close my eyes when he spins me.  We gaze lovingly into each others eyes.  We get to walk holding hands.  Embrace while saying nothing.  We can strongly feel our love while having fun with each other.  Our love is being documented and celebrated.  We get to take that time to just stop all the busyness and stresses of life and just focus one each other.  The experience is amazing, but the images are powerful too.  The images are truly an outward expression of the love you have for each other.  You always have them to look at and feel that emotion and bond between the two of you.  It's also a way to show your love to the world. 

I hope I've sold you on the idea of these sessions, because I truly believe in them.  My husband and I regularly get these shoots done for ourselves.  We find it to be an important part of strengthening our bond.  Now I want to tell you a little bit more about us and why you should use us :)  I'm Trina, and my husband and I both shoot these sessions.  So you'll be working with one of us.  We both have won many awards for our photographic abilities, including being named the #1 wedding photographer and #1 portrait photographer in the King5 Evening Best of Western WA this past year.  We step outside the norms of photography.  We go that extra mile to get amazing lighting and poses.  We will certainly guide and direct you in the posing, but we do it in such a way that many of the photos look more candid because during that pose we're still capturing your natural expressions and emotion.  Jonathan has a degree in film from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and brings that film and cinema background to the shoot.  


This deal includes a 45 minute session at the designated location and 40 high resolution digital images for digital use. The images will be emailed in a link to a downloadable online gallery approx 2 weeks after the shoot. Prints and products will be available for purchase through the online gallery and you will not need to come back to the studio to view the images or make additional purchases. 

A 45 minute session usually is $300 for the session fee and then for the 15+ digital package that is an additional $600.  This deal is a huge savings and is only being offered on specific dates/locations/times.  These sessions will book quickly, so we recommend booking ASAP.

The shoot is $386+tax, so the total after tax will be $422.67. Half of that is due at scheduling as a retainer. An invoice will be emailed to you and you will have 48 hours to pay online once that invoice has been sent. If that invoice is not paid within 48 hours your appointment will be removed from the calendar and we will send you a message noting that. The other half will be due at least 24 hours before your shoot. An invoice for that second half will be sent approx a week or more before your appointment date. There are no refunds. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we will need at least 72 hours notice and you can choose from one of the other dates on our calendar. If you find a date/time that works for you, we can transfer your retainer.


Before booking, be sure to check out the different locations so you can choose the location with the setting that fits best with what you're looking for.  Click these locations to see couples photos that we've taken there.  

Puyallup (photos coming soon)
Tacoma (photos coming soon)
Pike Place Market
Seattle Center
The Arboretum (photos coming soon)


You can book right ONLINE

 We will not be adding any additional dates or times.  This is our final calendar and appointments are on a first come first serve basis.  Once we are at capacity we will pull this deal down.

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Boudoir Reviews for Trina with PS Photography in Tacoma, WA I am honored to have had the opportunity to photograph 100's of ladies in the Greater Seattle area and beyond.  It's been an honor not just to have had the opportunity to do a boudoir shoot with these ladies, but to have read the beautiful reviews and testimonies they've posted online.  These ladies also voted us as the #1 Portrait Photographer, #1 Wedding Photographer and #1 Wedding Videographer in the King5 Evening Magazine's Best of Western WA contest.

Boudoir is a beautiful thing, and what it does for the ladies who get it is more beautiful. We live in a world where society, and even people we love, tear us down left and right. Boudoir is about healing and gaining confidence. It's about seeing beauty that other have tried to steal from you.

If you're thinking of doing a boudoir shoot with me, please read these reviews and testimonies below.  If you want to personally talk to ladies who have worked with me and ask them about their experience, please don't hesitate to connect in the private boudoir group on Facebook and ask these ladies anything you'd like. This group is not just for me to share my work and specials, but for women to uplift and encourage each other.  You can check out the group at:




These are some of the things my clients have said, and these are statements are exactly why I know that being a boudoir photographer is right where I'm supposed to be:

-"I originally thought I was doing this shoot for my husband, as we are newlyweds. Then when I went to look at my pictures I realized that I did this for me! This was for my emotional healing after a 17 years marriage that was filled with infidelity and lies.
Thank you Trina Heppner, for allowimg me to see my beauty!"

-" It took a lot of courage for me to be able to do this after i had my son. I felt unatrractive and pretty "blah". Im so glad i did. I feel as though it really brought out my femininity and made me feel attractive again!"

-"Just got done seeing my photos and ladies she is no joke, so beyond talented! Not only did she make me feel sexy and confident during taking the pictures, but she captured beauty that I have a hard time seeing in myself sometimes....thank you so much! "

-"I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and she walked in with such a glow, such strength and empowerment I could feel the confidence throughout the shoot.. Made me feel adequate, good enough, amazing!"

-"I loved the fact that I could feel so beautiful at my age and size. Your professionalism is awesome. Every woman should have the opportunity to feel that great"

-"Lately I haven't liked any photos of myself because I have gained a little extra weight, and being a thick person already. I hate my tummy. Photos other people take of me never look good and selfish do when I can get the right angle lol. I loved that I felt pretty when I looked at my photos and that I liked them. That my size didn't matter."

-"Ladies - You do not have to be a size 0 to do this. I am a size 22 and I had an absolutely amazing experience with Trina Heppner. I was so nervous going in and by the end of it you would have thought this was my 20th time doing it! It is such a confidence builder! If you question your confidence at all then DO THIS for yourself!"

-"I just left my photo ordering appt! I had a wonderful session with Trina a couple of weeks ago and was so excited to see my pictures. I was also terrified! I was scared that they were going to be embarrassing and, well basically "why did you think you could actually pull off boudior pics?" That's what I went in thinking. Well HOLY SMOKES! She is amazing at what she does!!! She REALLY is. I have never felt more beautiful! Everyone needs to experience this amazing feeling. Be brave and let Trina show you how beautiful you really are!"

-"I was so nervous driving to the studio my fiancé tells me everyday that I'm beautiful but after having kids and putting on weight I've been really down on myself. I've been looking into doing boudoir for some time now and finally got up enough courage to do it. Trina Heppner was very welcoming as soon as I walked in the studio her energy and the energy in the studio was very calm and made me instantly feel like I was ready. Plus I took forever on my makeup lol so I had to get some use out of it lol. But with the guidance from Trina I could feel my confidence rising. I honestly have never felt so beautiful in my life. Thank you Trina for helping me feel beautiful again I truly appreciate you and the art you do for us woman💖☺️"

-"As a mother who delivered seven babies I can say I had some hesitation in doing boudoir photos however Trina made me feel so comfortable. She was amazing at letting you know what to expect and positioning you so your best features would shine through. I felt a lot more confident with her coaching me as I went along. I was blown away with how many pictures I fell in love with!! Only wished I had done it at a little later so I could have bought the digitalis."

-"I have followed Trina and her work for a few months. When I had left my husband due to some unfortunate circumstances I felt this overpowering feeling. I scheduled for March and when the day came...I had my makeup and hair done by Amanda and wow!!! I felt like a new person. Trina makes you feel so comfortable. The initial awkwardness was getting changed into your outfit but after that you forget that feeling and instantly I was comfortable. The session lasted 45 mins and she was very patient. Having seen the photos you can't just choose one. Yes it may seem "expensive" but when you think about it it's WORTH it in the end. Thank you sooo much Trina. I will be doing it again soon. 😍"

-"I initially made my appointment with Trina so I could gift photos to my guy. When I was finished I realized I had gifted myself! I felt so confident and gorgeous leaving the studio! I plan to do this again, thank you Trina!"

-"After going through a really long life of self doubt, insecurities and feeling like I just wasn't beautiful, I met Trina and set up a boudior photo shoot. The experience was absolutely unbelievable! Not only was a completely comfortable during the shoot, but she listened to every opinion I had and worked really quickly! She did not ever rush, but she definitely knows how to use ALL of the scheduled time. At my order session, I was so scared and I was telling myself that the pictures were going to be, well, gross. But she opened the first photo, and I couldn't do anything but cry, and thank her. I remember saying "I had no idea that I was that beautiful". 

It has changed my life"

-"I had been following PS Photography with Trina and Jonathan for a while. Not only are they amazing people, but they are amazing photographers! Their pictures are second to none!

My first shoot with them was my engagement shoot. We shot in Wright Park in Tacoma. Trina and Jonathan were both ready and willing to move to all different locations within the park. They advised us on how to pose, but still allowed our silly, loving personalities to show through.

Then, they did our wedding photography and videography. They discreetly captured every moment of that special day. The pictures were something straight out of a fairy tale! Our love was captured so beautifully that I still get tears of happiness when I see our photos and video! 

After seeing the beautiful work from our previous shoots, I just had to do a boudoir shoot with Trina! I arrived on set to a beautiful studio with tons of wardrobe options, and a dressing room that makes you feel like a movie star! Trina has such a calm, professional aura about her that you completely forget you're half naked! We shot 3 different outfits on tons of different sets and backgrounds! The furniture and props Trina has at her studio are timeless! They give your photos a sexy, classic feel. Trina is an absolute expert in posing the female body. She makes sure the poses she puts you in, flatter every inch of your body. I was so in awe of my photos! I kept having to remind myself that it was me I was looking at, and not some magazine model! They were THAT good! I never dreamt I'd look so beautiful. Especially since I'm not happy with my weight at all. But all those insecurities simply fell away when I saw the pictures. The boudoir shoot experience with Trina is something every woman should do! Seriously, it's practically a right of passage, and a huge boost of confidence. And needless to say, my husband LOVED them too! ;)

All of our photo shoots were edited quickly and we received all of our photos in a quick, timely manner. Each shoot consisted of TONS of amazing photos! I'm so grateful to have these memories to keep forever! I will forever choose Trina and Jonathan for all of my photography and videography needs!"

If you want to check out some of my current work, feel free to check out these slideshows:

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Boudoir Photo Shoot with PS Photography- Pricing and Booking
Hello gorgeous ladies!  Tons of people have been messaging us asking how to book and for our prices, so I decided to put together this page so you'll have all the details :)

A 45 minute shoot is normally $300 for the session fee.  That covers the shoot itself and does not include digitals, prints or products.  Approximately 2-3 weeks after your shoot you'll come back to the studio choose what you want to purchase.  However, right now we're offering our Fall Special.  With this special, instead of paying $300 for the session fee, you pay just $99 for the session fee. 

You can view the PS Photography Boudoir What to Expect and How to Prepare Guide at:

You can view the current PS Photography Boudoir Pricing Guide at :

You can view reviews and what people are saying about working with me at

Ready to book?  The $99 session fee is a non-refundable retainer to hold your date.  If you need to reschedule, you must message us at and give us at least 72 hours notice.  Any reschedules, still must take place in October or November 2017.  

To schedule, go to our online calendar at  The dates listed on the calendar are my complete availability.  No new 2017 dates will be added.  We do all of our bookings online, so you'll have to use this link to schedule. Sometimes it gives mobile devices issues, so if you're not able to schedule from a mobile device, you'll have to use a computer.  Once you are scheduled, you'll receive an auto confirmation.  If for any reason you do not get the confirmation, please message me at to make sure that your appointment went through.  

Steps to Book a Session:
-STEP 1: Read the What to Expect and How to Prepare Guide and Review the Pricing Guide
-STEP 3: Choose a date from the drop down menu.  
-STEP 4: Select CODE (do NOT select session fee or it will try to make you pay the full $300)
-STEP 5: Choose a time listed.  If no times are listed at this step, that means that date is fully booked and you'll have to go back and try a different date.  Most dates will have time availability, but especially any available weekend dates book quickly.
-STEP 6: Fill out your contact info.  To get the Fall Deal, in the CODE box, type: FallDeal
Make sure you type your info, especially your email address, correctly or we may not be able to contact you.  Also make sure you list the CODE FallDeal so you don't get an invoice for the full price.
-STEP 7: Click the "reserve my appointment" button and you'll receive an auto confirmation in your email inbox.  If you do not get this confirmation, please message us at to make sure your appointment went through.  

Once all of those things are done, we'll get an email with your appointment info.  I will send you an online invoice.  If that isn't paid right away, I (Trina- your photographer) will have Grace (my assistant) or Jonathan (my husband and business partner) call you to take your $99 payment.  We can take any card type except for American Express.  From the time we attempt to contact you, you'll have 72 hours to make the payment.  So if we attempt multiple times over 72 hours to reach you and you don't get back to them at all, the appointment will be removed from the calendar and we'll send you a message to state that.  So if we reach out to you when you're unavailable, please try to get back to them as soon as possible so that we know you really want the shoot. If you want to cancel your shoot, please contact us rather than just ignoring us or not showing.

Again, this Fall Deal is only available for an October or November date that is currently listed on our calendar.  So if you want to take advantage of it, schedule as soon as possible.  Once I feel at capacity, I will no longer offer this deal, and it is on a first come first serve basis.  If you want to book with me in 2017, you will want to take advantage of this deal.

Please do NOT message me through Facebook as I may not get the message. is the best way to reach us and Grace or I will respond to you.  Before messaging with questions about the shoot, be sure to check out the what to expect and how to prepare guide as most questions we get asked are answered in there.  

Quick FAQ:
-The studio is located at 313 S 7th St, Tacoma, WA.
-2-3 outfits typically fits the time best.  You can bring a 4th outfit just in case there is time.  Although I have things at the studio you can use, I recommend you bring your own so you know you have things you love and work for you.  
-Hair and makeup should be done before arriving as no to cut into the shoot time.
-Males are not allowed in the studio while the shoot is taking place.  This shoot is available to females 21 and over.  
-Approx 2-3 weeks after the shoot your images will be ready and I'll have you come back to the studio for your ordering session where you'll choose what you want to purchase.


Want to see a whole shoot?












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Wedding Pricing for PS Photography- Greater Seattle, WA

PS Photography & Video Wedding Pricing and Information - Photo, Video and Photobooth

We get tons of inquiries for wedding pricing.  I'd love to give you more info on our pricing, but I'd also like to tell you a little bit more about us and about what you get in our packages.

First off, congratulations!  Planning your wedding is such a huge responsibility, and we understand that.  What if you choose the wrong vendors?  What if the little details don't go the way you planned?  The best way to crush your fears is to hire professionals who you trust.  Trust should be one of the biggest factors when determining who to work with.  Then of course quality and style.

On the topic of quality and style, please only choose to work with us if you love our quality and style.  Photography is an art.  Choose an artist who you love.  Our clients hire us because they can't see working with anyone else.  They love our work and want to see themselves in our images.  If you feel the same, then we want to work with you!  We want to only work with clients who LOVE our work.  The fact that you love our work will help create that bond of trust that you need on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy it.  

I understand that in the beginning of the wedding photographer and videographer search that you might be considering a few different professionals.  That's great.  My best piece of advice to you is to put their work side by side and ask yourself whose photo and video you want to see yourself in.  Hopefully you'll only ever have one wedding. Make this day perfect.  You will have these images and video for the rest of your life.  Make sure to get something that you're proud of.  Get photos that you're proud to put on the walls of your home and proud to show off on social media.  Get photos and video that make you laugh and cry and relive all the emotions of your amazing day.  Do not settle.  You can't go back and re-do this, so choose the professional who will get you something that you'll love.  I can't tell you how many brides decided to hire someone else based on price alone and came back to us in tears and told us it was the worst decision they had ever made.  The last bride who contacted us told us she's so embarrassed by her images that she can't find one she can even put on the walls of her home or on social media.  She asked us to edit her images; however, we cannot work on another photographers's images.  So please, please, please, be confident in the choice you made in hiring your photo and video professional because these are the photos and videos you'll have forever, and to pass down to future generations to remember this amazing day by.

Okay, okay, so enough about how to choose the right photographer for you, let's talk about us :)  I'm Trina and my husband is Jonathan.  We're both high end, award winning photographers who are based out of the Greater Seattle area but work worldwide.  Our most recent recognition includes being named as the #1 wedding photographer, #1 wedding videographer and #1 portrait photographer in the King5 Evening Magazine Best of Western WA competition.  It's a great honor to be named #1 out of hundreds of other local wedding photo and video professionals .  I, Trina, photograph weddings, engagements and boudoir, while Jonathan photographs weddings, engagements and seniors.  He also runs our photobooth and does all our wedding videos and films.   We are the proud parents of four beautiful children.  

Let's talk more about video :)  Jonathan's video work is amazing. He's a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, has worked for a top production company in Hollywood, and now does weddings and engagements full time. Because of his education and background in the film industry, he creates beautiful videos that highlight the wedding in the best way possible and he is very sought after because brides love his style.   Of the many surveys given to brides after their wedding about what they'd change or their biggest regret, most brides say that their biggest regret was not hiring a video professional.  Please do not be one of those brides/grooms left without a quality video that regrets it the rest of your life.

Do you want to make sure your guests have an amazing time at your wedding?  Then get our photobooth!  It's a vintage looking, elegant booth.  We have tons of fun props and when we bring it to weddings, the line never ends.  It's a huge hit, and your guests will tell everyone what an awesome party you threw :) 

Now, what you've been waiting for -- The package details!  All photo packages include high resolution digitals images.  Although many photographers will only give you 200-400 images for a full day, we will give you 500-1,100 depending on how long we're at the wedding. Typically you'll get just over 100 images per each hour that we're there, but the exact number does vary based on the size of the wedding and how many events are going on.

Here are our prices for photo, video and photobooth.  Most people go with our ultimate package, which includes all three services as well as additional services and products.  We want to make sure that if you want to work with us, that you're able to.  We don't want budget to hold you back from working with us, so if budget is an issue we can set up a payment plan where the last payment or two are made after the wedding; however, we are not able to release the photos or video until the final payment is made. We take all forms of payment with the exception of American Express.

These rates will be in effect for 2016 and 2017 weddings that are booked, with a signed contract before June 2016.  After that time, rates will be going up.  These rates are valid for the Greater Seattle area.  We do work worldwide, so if you'd like a quote for travel, we'd be more than happy to give you a quote once we're given the date and location, as well as the service areas you're interested in.


Ultimate Wedding Package $7800

Up to 8 hours of photography
Compete video package
Unlimited reception photobooth package
Engagement or Boudoir photo session*
40 page Italian wedding album
2 parent books (duplicates of wedding album)
4 16x20 prints
40 4x6 gift prints

*45 minute boudoir session at Tacoma studio or 1 hour engagement session on location (outside of Seattle-Tacoma area may incur additional fee). Each shoot type comes with 60 high resolution un-watermarked digital images.

The retainer is 20% and may be made in installments. The date cannot be reserved until we have the retainer and the singed contract.

We are in high demand and our weekend wedding dates do fill quickly.  We cannot reserve a date until we receive the retainer (or first retainer payment if you're on a payment plan) and signed contract.  If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a time to meet with us, you can message us at  If you'd like to set up a phone meeting, just let us know your number and the best times to call.  If you know you'd like to work with us, we'd love to meet you in person to discuss the options and what package would fit your wedding needs best.  We can meet at our North Tacoma studio or our Seattle location.  If you'd like to meet with us, just let us know what your schedule looks like and which location you prefer.  Thank you so much and we really hope to have the opportunity to work with you!


All photo packages include high resolution digital images

8 hours of wedding day coverage $4000

6 hours of wedding day coverage $3200

4 hours of wedding day coverage $2400

Check out a couple of our full wedding galleries at:

Feel free to LIKE us on Facebook at  You can follow our work as well as check out our contests and giveaways.  You can also follow us on Pinterest at​

Video packages vary per wedding and per client's needs. We would love to meet and discuss your wedding needs and what package would fit those needs best.

Premium Package $4000
Wedding film covering all main events
Full Ceremony coverage
Formal Dances (First Dance, Mother-Son, and Father-Daughter dances)
Cake Cutting
Garter and Bouquet toss

Complete Package $3200
Wedding film capturing the emotion and feeling of the day
Wedding Vows

Formal Dances (First Dance, Mother-Son, and Father-Daughter dances)
Cake Cutting
Garter and Bouquet toss

Highlight Package $2400
Highlight video of the wedding day

All photobooth packages include instant printing on 2"x6" photobooth strips customized with bride and groom's name and wedding date. Guests may have images emailed to themselves and bride and groom will receive all digital images.

Unlimited Reception Package $1400
Unlimited reception coverage
prints and digitals
unlimited use

Standard Package $1000
4 hours
prints and digitals
unlimited use

Basic Package $600
2 hours
prints and digitals
unlimited use

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Tacoma Boudoir PS Photography- Pricing


Everyone loves their photos and the most common question I get is how much is it to get more than what's in the package.  In fact, there are very few people who stick to their package.  I mean, if you spent time and effort getting stunning photos of yourself, why wouldn't you want more?  So although there is no pressure to get anything beyond your package, I bet that you will love your images and will want more :)

First, I'm going to be upfront, all decisions have to be made at your photo ordering appointment and all sales are final.  I'm not able to set up multiple appointments per person, so you need to be prepared to make all decisions at this appointment.  You must attend this appointment.  You cannot send someone else in place of yourself.  If you send someone else, I will have to send them away and will not be able to show the photos.  Children may not come to this appointment, with the exception of young infants.  If a child between 1 and 17 is brought to the appointment, we will have to reschedule. If you're not able to make it to your ordering appointment, please give me as much notice as possible as I'm probably paying for childcare for that time and may not be able to schedule someone else for that slot.  If you don't show up to your appointment or give me less than 12 hours notice of a reschedule, there will be a $29 rescheduling fee. Unfortunately, anything you don't sign a model release for and do not order will be deleted.  

Some ladies set a budget for themselves and then find they love a lot more images than they expected and they don't want to leave without them.  If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry, I'll work with you :). We can set up a payment plan where you only pay $150 upfront and set up payments over the next 12 weeks on dates that work for you.  We created beautiful art here, and I don't want to see them deleted either.  So we'll work out a plan together if you need that.



The second most common question I get, is what should you do with these photos.  You have a ton of photos that you love and don't want deleted, but now what do you do with them?  The two things to consider when choosing what to buy are what you plan to do with the images and which images you love.

First, if you want to flaunt your gorgeousness, I recommend getting a 16x20 or bigger print, canvas or metal print to hang in your room.  Some people like to get three 16x20 prints to put above the bed.  For those of you who are concerned about not showing certain types of images in public, there will be modest pictures too :).

For those giving these as a gift, I'd recommend doing an album or Little Black Book.  That way you are handing the person a tangible gift that they can look at whenever they want.  The really nice thing about the books are that they're small and versatile.  If the person wants to display the book on their nightstand, they can leave it out. If you guys want to keep these images between the two of you, the book is nice and small and can easily be tucked away. 

Digitals are our best selling product.  People like to keep these memories.  Although I cannot release the printing rights over the images since I want to maintain the quality, you can do whatever you want with these images in the digital format.  Digitals are such an easy way to preserve these memories.  You can save them to your computer and have access to them whenever you want.  And if you want to show these off on Facebook or other social media, there will be more modest shots that Facebook will approve :).  You look stunning in these photos and why wouldn't you want your friends to at least see a couple of the headshots?  Digitals can be used in so many ways and can be saved and archived, which is why most of our clients choose to get the 15+ image disk.


Okay, here's what you've been waiting for- the numbers! :)

These are the digital packages
15+ images= $600
10 images= $500
5 images= $350

30x40= $445
20x24= $285
16x20= $175
11x14= $125
8x10 and smaller= $70

20 page 8x6 Italian Album $900
20 page 5x7 Little Black Book $600

(Canvas and metal print pricing will be posted shortly.)



You look stunning!  Don't lose these images!  Choose your favorites and then decide which option of prints, a book or digitals works best for you.  If you need a payment plan, just let me know and we'll get that set up.  Again, there's no pressure to get anything beyond your package, but almost all of my clients do get more because they love them.  I truly hope you love your images too!!! 

You can either come back to the studio at a time when I'm there and pick up your images, or for a $5 shipping fee I can mail them to you.  

We also offer a Little Black Book that is a 20 page 5x7 book for $600 or a 20 page Italian Album for $900.

I have a promotion going on right now on our two most popular items.  Most people get the 15+ image disk and the Little Black Book.  If you decide to get the 15+ image disk and the Little Black Book, you can get them for a total of $800 right now instead of the $1200 they normally are.

Please take a moment to help my business by voting for us as the best photographer and videographer in the King 5 Best of Western WA contest.  Just go to and hit the vote now button and choose photographer and you can do it a second time to vote for us as video.  We really appreciate your support! :) <3

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Parents Guide to Senior Photos As your child grows up you take for granted the hugs you get, and the little drawings that show up on your desk. When they start their senior year in high school you realize they're not going to be there much longer. Whether they're going off to college, getting a job and moving out, joining the military, or getting married, you know they're not going to be around forever, and that can make you feel kind of empty; kind of sad. The one thing you can do is get some photos of them to hang on your wall and remember them.

You need to find a photographer who is going to capture your son or daughter as they are, to really capture their personality. You need to find someone with the experience to get the right expressions, the ones only they do. Someone who can put them in the right poses and in the right lighting, and who provides the kinds of products -- prints, canvases, metal prints, digital images, that you're looking for.

What you need to know about the session

You are more than welcome to accompany your son or daughter. But it is important to know that sometimes its okay to take a step back. If your senior feels like they're crowded or there are too many people watching them or giving direction, they may not be able to loosen up and they might look a little stiff in the photos. We want them to relax and really capture their personality.

After the session we will set up a time to look at the photos and figure out what prints you would like. We will look at wall portraits, gift prints, and digital products.

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Guide to Senior Photos Your senior photos should capture who you are. The best of who you are. That's why you want to work with someone who's experienced in setting up the most flattering poses and using the most interesting light, and then offers the prints and products that you want.

There are a couple of differences in how we shoot guys and how we shoot ladies. Please read on.

For the Ladies

Hair and Makeup

We have coordinated with Hair and Makeup artists to offer you professional quality and absolute convenience. Just let us know that you would like to add hair and/or makeup and we will coordinate everything for you.

Posing and Style

We will go over everything with you at the shoot to make sure we use poses that flatter your appearance and that you know what to do and make sure you feel comfortable.

Wardrobe and Props

We encourage you to bring a change of clothes if you want, and anything meaningful that you might want to have photographed with you. A pet, a musical instrument, a sports uniform. We want to see who you are in the photos, and props can really help make that work.



For the Guys

Some guys are a little more hesitant about getting their photos taken. Some guys think it's more for girls and they just want their yearbook photo and they're done. That's fine. But what if your photographer was a special ops recon photographer with a background in photojournalism who shoots in an editorial style. Does that change things a little? There's nothing wrong with guys getting their photos taken, they just want to do something cool.

What to Wear

We recommend you bring a change of clothes. That way you can have something a little formal, and something a little more casual.


Feel free to bring your dog, your guitar, your car, your football helmet, or anything else that represents who you are.

How to Pose

We will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Most people don't have a lot of modeling experience and don't know how to stand. So we will go over everything and make sure you know how to rock your shoot.



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Seattle Brides- Connect to Help with your Wedding Planning Process

Are you a bride to be in the Greater Seattle area? Then join This is a...

Posted by PS Photography by Trina and Jonathan on Sunday, May 3, 2015

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The #1 Key to Making Sure you get the Best Wedding Photos Not every wedding photographer is for every client.  If I could just give you 1 tip to make sure you get the best wedding photos possible, it would be to tell you to choose the photographer whose photos you like the best.  It’s that simple. 

Your wedding photos will be what you have to remember this important day by.  You’ll have these for the rest of your life.  I always find it funny when someone is willing to spend $2,500+ on a wedding ring and not on wedding photos.  The logic is that the ring is what’s going to last and be with them every day after the wedding, but so are those photos and video.

What will you do with your wedding photos?  Hang them on your wall?  Create an album that you can show to your friends and family who come over?  Have as a background/screensaver on your computer? Hang around your desk at work? Use as your profile photo and cover photo and show off on Facebook? 

You want photos that you’ll be proud to have your guests and family see when they come over.  Get amazing photos that will make your friends jealous!  Okay, you don’t have to make your friends jealous, but get photos that wow them.  Don’t you want something that you’ll be proud of? 

We had a bride decide not to hire us this past year.  She found someone cheaper and closer, so she went with them.  She came back to us in tears and said that her wedding photos were terrible and that her greatest regret was in not hiring us.  She said that she’s too embarrassed to show anyone her wedding photos.  There isn’t one that she feels she can hang on her wall or post to Facebook.  She’s not the first person who has decided not to hire us and later returned to say these same things.

I understand a budget is important.  Many photographers are willing to set up payment plans and/or adjust the package so that you can make it work for you.  We understand the importance of our job, and we want to make sure that every bride gets stunning memories of her day

This is how I recommend you choose your photographer.  I know budget will come into play, but use that as your secondary factor in choosing your photographer and not the primary factor.  Look up lots of photographers, and then place their work side by side.  Ask yourself whose photos you want to see yourself in.  Literally, picture yourself in these images.  Then narrow it down to your top choices.  Look at your budget and set up meetings with your top choices.  If there is a photographer you have to have who is out of your budget, let them know you love their work and want to know if you can set up a payment plan or get a custom package.   They may be willing to work with you.  Not as common, but some will even let you make the last payment after the wedding.  It never hurts to ask.

Please, do NOT be a bride who regrets not getting beautiful images of her wedding.

Article by Trina Heppner with PS Photography & Video.  Servicing the Greater Seattle area and worldwide.

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Should you Give your Wedding Photographer a Shot List? Many sites like the tell you that you should provide your photographer with a shot list.  These sample shot lists include things like the kiss and the first dance.  If your photographer needs reminders to get those shots, you should probably fire them and get a new one.

You hire your photographer because you love their style and because you trust them to capture these important moments.  If you give your photographer a shot list with all the basic shots, they’re going to lose their creativity and just take pictures to check them off a list.  I can guarantee you, that is not what you want from your photographer. Chances are that they've shot hundreds of weddings.  They know what to get.  These lists distract your photographer from getting the natural moments and the creative art that you fell in love with when you decided to hire them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not recommending that you never give the photographer a shot list; however, they don’t need a 2 page list of basic shots.  If you want to give a shot list, have a family shot list for the family formal photography section of the wedding.  As a photographer, I get the basic family groupings and then ask the bride and groom if there are any further family breakdowns they want to get.  That’s just fine for most people.  But if you have a large family, or interesting family dynamics (such as divorced or remarried parents) and want to make sure you don’t miss certain groupings for the family photos, then make a list of each family grouping that is important to you.  Remember that family formal photography time is taking away from the time you and your photographer could be doing other things, so determine how many family groupings are important to you.  If family formals are important and you want to get every small grouping, make sure you set apart enough time for that, and that you have a list prepared so that you get everything you want.  If you just want the main family groupings and a few smaller groupings, a list is typically not necessary.

What about a list of shots from Pinterest?  Sometimes brides will come in with 3+ pages of have to have shots they saw on Pinterest.  Some photographers refuse to look at these shots at all, because they refuse to recreate other people’s work.  As an artist, some consider it insulting.  What I recommend is that you find the shots that you love the most and condense it into no more than 10 poses and ask the photographer if they can capture those shots and that you’re fine if they put their own creative spin on it.  If you have more than 10 have to have shots, again, the photographer will be going from a checklist and losing the creativity that you hired them for.  If you’ve hired a professional whose style and shots you love, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting tons of shots that you love.  You chose your photographer for a reason.  Just relax and trust them.


Article by Trina Heppner with PS Photography & Video.  Servicing the Greater Seattle area and worldwide.

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5 of the First Things to do Once Engaged

Engaged?  Here are 5 Things to do Right Away

1)  Have an Engagement Party

People naturally want to congratulate you. An engagement party gives them this opportunity, as well as facilitates your different groups of friends and family getting to know each other.  It’s especially a great time for the bride’s family and the groom’s family to get closer to each other.


2) Choose your Venue and Date

The choosing of one’s wedding date and venue go hand in hand. You should choose your venue before your date. What if you find your dream venue, only to find that it’s not available on the date that you’ve given everyone? Have an idea of the dates you’re interested in, but be flexible unless the date has great significance to you.   Need venue ideas in the Greater Seattle Tacoma area?  Check out our Pinterest Board for Western WA Wedding Venues


3) Choose your Wedding Party

It’s important to choose your party early on since you’ll want their emotional support from the beginning, as well as their presence during the whole planning process.  Traditionally parties have 4 attendants each, but it’s okay to break the rules.  If you want 1 attendant or 10, it’s up to you.  Just keep in mind that the more people in your party, the more people you’ll need to coordinate things with.  Don’t choose your party lightly.  These people will be with you through the whole process and you need people who will encourage you and be there for you even if things get stressful.


4) Come up with a Wedding Budget

It’s important to set up a realistic, but flexible budget.  Before setting up your wedding budget, it’s a good idea to find out how much services cost and make a list of your priorities.  For example, if photos are your priority, you might want to spend a little less on food. 

A good way to get an idea of how much you should expect to spend on different services is to enter the zip code of where you hope to have your wedding into the Cost of the Wedding site at  Remember that the cost of a well experienced professional is often much higher than these averages.  

Sometimes what you really want isn’t within your budget.  That doesn’t mean that you have to forego it.  Some vendors will work with you in setting up a payment plan, and some will even accept payments after the wedding date.  Most will not offer this upfront, but if you want something that isn’t in the budget, don’t hesitate to ask your vendors if they have payment plan options or even if they take credit.  Your vendors probably can’t lower their prices because they’re charging what they need to in order to keep their business running and to support their families; however, many of them will work with you to make the process as easy as possible for you.  So do ask if they have payment plan options if your desires are outside of your budget.


5) Get your Engagement Photos Done

The engagement photo session is a great way to start your planning process.  It’s a fun experience and it will give you photos to show off to your friends and family.   It’s also an opportunity to learn the poses and to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding.  It’s also a great opportunity to test working with a photographer before committing to spend thousands on the wedding photography with them.  One way to do this is to book a smaller engagement package and then upgrade to more images once you see them.  You can purchase our engagement deal at  for just $39 and if you love the images like most of our clients do, then you can upgrade the package.  If you want ideas for how to use your engagement photos, check out our blog post at


Ready to book your engagement session? Click here to book now.


Article by Trina Heppner with PS Photography & Video.  Servicing the Greater Seattle area and worldwide.

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Kensington Gardens Wedding in Gig Harbor, WA - Leanna and Steve The Kensington Gardens is a stunning wedding venue in Gig Harbor, WA.  Leanna and Steve made a great choice in choosing such a beautiful place for their big day.  Congrats Leanna and Steve!

 photo 2013-08-05_0001_zps9b5e5c08.jpg

Here are some of Leanna and Steve's wedding vendors.  All vendors these vendors serve the Greater Seattle area.
Photographer and Videographer:
PS Photography and Video

Wedding Planner:
Diligent Details Event and Wedding Planning
Ph: 253-232-0570

Hair and Makeup:

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Seattle Wedding Photo Booth ( Photobooth) Photos Seattle PhotoBooth by PS Photography

Seattle brides, we have an awesome photo booth!  If you're having a wedding within 50 miles of Seattle, be sure to check us out.  Our photo booth is a way to ensure that your guests have a blast at your event.  For PS Photogrpahy photobooth pricing, check out

 photo Seattle_Photo_Booth_Photoboth_Wedding_4_zpsd7a8b293.jpg  photo Seattle_Photo_Booth_Photoboth_Wedding_3_zpscf20c3b3.jpg  photo Seattle_Photo_Booth_Photoboth_Wedding_2_zpsed9ad5d5.jpg  photo Seattle_Photo_Booth_Photoboth_Wedding_5_zps02b6b0af.jpg

Contact us at 323-552-3447

PS Photography

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Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding Photos -Cacie and Roy Congratulations Cacie and Roy!  Your wedding was beautiful and so much fun.  The Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville was the perfect venue for you guys, and such a fun place to shoot.  Thank you for choosing PS Photography as your wedding and engagement photographer and videographer.  We loved working with you!

Find PS Photography on the web at:

Find the Hollywood Schoolhouse at

 photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_2_zps561c64be.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_zpscf6f0888.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_4_zpsf10d5db3.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_7_zpsa5548fd7.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_5_zpsc1ccd134.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_6_zps5f94fabb.jpg  photo Hollywood_Schoolhouse_Wedding_Photo_1_zps602adaa3.jpg

Find PS Photography on the web at:

Find the Hollywood Schoolhouse at

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Outdoor Engagement and/or Couples Photos - Tacoma and Seattle  photo 2013-02-14_0003_zps0000a0b0.jpg
PS Photography offers all different shoot types from weddings, corporate/commercial, high school seniors, glamour and boudoir but one of our very favorite types of shoots are outdoor couples and engagement photos.  If you want to see more of our couples and engagement photos, you can follow us on Pinterest at and be sure to also check out our main site at and LIKE us on Facebook at


So why would you want a couples shoot?  Many people don't think this type of shoot is important, but they realize the importance later down the road. Those who never get a couples or engagement session often regret it.  It's not about getting your photo taken, but rather about capturing your love and emotion for each other.  That's something that you do want documented and something that you will love and cherish forever.  We don't know what tomorrow holds, so capture these moments when you still have them. 


We all have cameras these days, so you probably have tons of snap shots of the two of you together.  These shoots that PS Photography offers are not about a photo of the two of you standing there, but rather about art that captures your emotions for each other.  Your shoot will take place with either Trina or Jonathan, who are both award winning photographers based out of Tacoma, WA.  Both Jonathan and Trina with PS Photography were named the #1 wedding photography, #1 wedding videographer and #1 portrait photographer by the King5 Evening Best of Western WA.  They will be able to create stunning art that you'll be proud to hang on your wall and show off to your friends on social media.

If you're engaged, this shoot type is especially a must have.  An engagement shoot is a fun experience and can give you a break from all of the wedding planning.  It’s an exciting way to have something special for the both of you to keep and remember.

There are also many ways you can use these photos in preparation for your wedding such as:

-use it as a centerpiece for your guests

-use them to create a slideshow to play at the ceremony or reception

-create a guestbook or photo album for guest to view

-use on your wedding website

-décor for the reception

-invitations or Save the Date

Couples Deal:
We have a great deal going on right now on couples and engagement sessions.  These sessions normally have a $300 session fee and then it's an additional $600 to get the 15+ digital package.  So this deal is a huge discount.

What you get:
-45 minute couples or engagement session
-50 high resolution digital images for digital use
-A 6 month online gallery where you can download the images, share the link with friends and family and order prints and products.

You pay just $189+tax to confirm your appointment.  Then $189+tax is due before your shoot takes place.  If you're paying with credit, you'll need to make your final payment at least 24 hours before your shoot.  An invoice will be e-mailed to you.  We can take any payment type except American Express.  If you prefer to mail a check, send it to 313 S 7th St Tacoma, WA 98402.  Make it out to PS Photography.  If you mail your payment rather than paying your invoice online, be sure to send us an email letting us know you sent it so we know to watch for it.  

-Your invoice must be paid within 24 hours of receiving it.  You should receive the invoice within 48 hours of scheduling.  The total due at the time of booking is $206.96.  Then an additional $206.96 is due before the shoot can take place.


To book your couples or engagement shoot, just go to  Once you choose your date, time and location, a confirmation message with all the details of how to prepare and where to meet will be sent to you.  This is our complete availability for this deal, so please do not request different dates/locations.

STEP 1: Click and choose date and location from the drop down menu.
STEP 2: Pick a time.  If no times are listed, that means that date is already fully booked, so please check another date.
STEP 3: Fill in your contact info.  Make sure everything, especially your email address, is spelled and entered correctly.  In the "additional comments" box, please be sure to let us know more about you as a couple and let us know why you're doing the shoot.
STEP 4: Hit the RESERVE MY APPOINTMENT button at the bottom of the screen  You should immediately receive a confirmation message with all of the shoot details.  If for any reason you do not receive this message, please message us at requesting it and to confirm that your appointment went through.  

Also, if you're a female over the age of 18, please feel free to join the boudoir group at

We are currently offering 45 minute couples and engagement shoots Opera Alley in downtown Tacoma (across the street from the studio), downtown Puyallup, Pike Place Market and Seattle Center . 

Here are the locations we're currently offering shoots at.  These locations may vary throughout the year and we will update this page if we no longer offer a certain location or add more locations.


The EMP/Seattle Center
 photo 2013-04-29_0001_zpsa6d4bf6c.jpg


Pike Place Market
 photo 2013-04-29_0002_zpsf8367619.jpg


Bothell Landing
 photo 2013-04-29_0003_zps96c16b69.jpg


The Arboretum

 photo 2013-04-29_0005_zps4ed7a99c.jpg

Be sure to book ASAP: 

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Photobooth It was about a year ago that I decided to build a photobooth. I had talked to some other photographers who had them and they said it was a great experience helping people enjoy their day, and they loved doing it. I started planning it, but it was a pretty big project. I had seen a lot of photobooths that were made out of PVC pipe and bed sheets and I really wanted a high-end photobooth that would stand out. I think it makes a difference in the overall experience if you have an elegant booth instead of a pieced together do-it-yourselfer. So I did a lot of research and I had a friend help me with the woodwork. Sure I could build a case out of 2x4s and plywood, but who would want to go into that thing? What I needed was someone who specializes in finishing work, and I chose the right guy. He did a fantastic job on all the details. I researched the best cameras, printers, and touch panels and had the booth fitted for them. Now, almost a year later, the booth is finally ready to go and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

If you're interested in booking the photobooth and you live in the Seattle area, please take a look at this page or email us at

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Why Boudoir? By Seattle Boudoir Photographer PS Photography

Why Boudoir?
Boudoir photography is quickly becoming popular.  The biggest reason is that these sexy photos make great gifts.  They can be given from a bride to her groom on the wedding day or as a honeymoon gift.  They can be given from a military s/o to her deployed soldier. They can also be give as a birthday or anniversary gift, or just because.


What a lot of people don't consider is that these photos also make great gifts for you to give yourself ladies.  Most of my clients come here feeling a little nervous, and insecure about their bodies.  When they leave, they tell me that the shoot was so much fun and an awesome experience.  In fact, many of my clients let me know that they'll be back in a few months to do it again.  When they come back to view the photos, they're always in love with them.  I've had so many of my clients tell me that they've never seen themselves so beautiful.  They thank me for showing them how stunning they really are, and most of them end up getting the whole disk because they don't want to leave these photos behind.  This really is a fun, confidence building experience.  I promise, you'll love it! :)

What Others Say About Boudoir with Trina:

Boudoir shoots make awesome grooms gifts, and I can get a couple more ladies in before Valentines too. If you want to find out more about the experience, watch this short video :) The boudoir studio is located in North Tacoma, but can also be done at our Mountlake Terrace studio.

Posted by PS Photography by Trina and Jonathan on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PS Photography Boudoir FAQ's:  What to Expect at Your Shoot

A few quick FAQs:
-Your photographer will be a female :)
-We highly recommend all of our clients get their hair and makeup professionally done.  If you're looking for recommendations of stylists, we can certainly recommend some.  Check the bottom of this page for some recommendations.  Unless you booked a session that comes with hair and makeup, please come to the studio fully ready so that getting your hair and makeup ready will not take out of your shoot time.

-For a 45 minute session, we recommend 3 outfits.  Since change time does take out of the shoot time, we are generally not able to
accommodate more than 3 outfits (you can bring a 4th just in case we have time).  Although we have clothing options at the studio, it's recommended that you bring your own that you know you love and you know fit.  However, if you want to browse through what we have, you can certainly do that.  What people choose to wear varies greatly. Some people like to wear a cute dress, while others a corset, cute bra set, night gown, jersey, or even topless with just underwear or jeans on.  I don't shoot full nudes, but if you want some topless shots, we can do that. 
-The turn around time is approx. 3 weeks from your shoot date, so make sure you book with enough time; however, we do have some rush processing options for a small fee.
-You can bring a friend to the shoot if you wish, but it will need to be a female. Friends are NOT permitted to take photos with their camera or cell phone.  If I see someone taking photos during the shoot I will ask them to stop and things will probably be awkward from that point on.  If they continue, the shoot will be over and any remaining session time will be forfeited.  If you are bringing a friend to your shoot, it is your responsibility to let them know that other than the hired photographer, photography is NOT permitted in the studio at anytime. 
-Once your photos are done, you'll come in studio and choose the ones you want. All photo ordering sessions happen in studio.  There are no exceptions.  All decisions do have to be made at this appointment.
-Although there is no pressure to get anything beyond your package, all our clients love their photos almost all of them do invest in more.  Most clients spend between $400-$1200 on additional images/products.  You can view the full pricing guide here.
-Any images you get in a digital format are for digital use only.  Any prints you would like do have to be ordered through us.  We take great pride in our work and want you to have beautifully displayed images that have been professionally printed.
-All photos have basic retouching done, and some may have skin softening. If you want advanced editing on more photos, such as skin softening and body contouring, that can be done for $20 per edit, per image.  Certain edits may need to be outsourced and I'll have to provide a custom quote for those.  Most people love the photos with the original edits, and don't see a need for advanced editing, so I recommend you view the photos first, and then decide if you want to add extra editing to your package.
-I will not use your photos in my portfolio without your permission.
-All shoots, photo ordering sessions and print/album pick ups are by appointment only.  Please only show up at the studio if you have an appointment.  To schedule an appointment, go to  
-All scheduling happens online at  I recommend scheduling from a computer and not a mobile device as mobile devices sometimes don't finish the booking process. Once you schedule you'll get an auto confirmation in your email.  If you don't get that auto confirmation, message us at to verify that you're on the calendar.
-Any dates showing on the calendar that do not show time slots are already fully booked.  If someone cancels for that day, the timeslot will appear back on the calendar at that time.  I typically don't book more than 5-6 weeks out and cannot take custom date requests at this time.  What's listed on the calendar is my complete availability.
-If you have any questions about your appointment that have not been addressed here, you can messages me at  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your shoot.  If you cancel or wish to reschedule and give me less than 72 hours notice, there is a $29 rescheduling fee.  There are no exceptions as I likely turned people away from that slot and already committed to pay my babysitter for that time.
-Only females will be in studio during your shoot. Often it will only be me (Trina).  Sometimes my administrative assistant, Grace, will be in studio. Very occasionally I may have another female client in another room viewing her images while the shoot is happening.  
-I shoot Monday-Friday.  As a wedding photographer, I have to reserve my weekends for weddings, and do not offer boudoir on the weekends.  Most shoots happen during the daytime, but I try to keep some evening options available for those who need that.  You can check my calendar at  (If I have weekends available I may add them to the calendar for boudoir, but I cannot promise weekends).  
-The studio is located at 313 S 7th St, Tacoma, WA.  There is metered parking on our street; however, you can typically drive a block or two away and find free street parking.  We are in an orange building.  You'll go up a few steps to get to the studio.  There is a pizza place next to us and a skate shop below us.  We are on 7th, between Market and Broadway.
-To view more of our boudoir work, you can go to and click the link for the boudoir section.
-If you have anymore questions, you can contact me at and Grace (my administrative assistant) or I will get back to you.  You can also reach us at 206-900-1336; however, since we're with clients most of our time, we can't always answer the phone. If you call, be sure to leave your full name, a detailed message and the best way to reach you and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
-Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!

Hair and Makeup Recommendations
-Most clients love their photos even more if they got their hair and makeup professionally done. I also find those that get their hair and makeup done often feel more confident during the shoot.  Here are some ladies that I have worked with and highly recommend.  If you do decide to go with one of them, make sure you let them know that you're having your shoot with me.  Please note that because I'm often shooting back to back, your hair and makeup time cannot happen at my studio.  You will have to go to your stylists location, have them come to you if they're willing, or meet them somewhere.  Thanks for understanding, and feel free to check out these awesome ladies!

-Amanda Pierce with A Second Look

-Jin Mi with Miss Priss Brow and Lash

-Arianna Scott with Arianna Scott Makeup Artist

-Irina's Glamour Artistry (makeup only)
Lakewood, WA

-Brooke MUA

-Eugenia Sh

Are you Getting Married?  Brides, we do Weddings too!
-If you're getting married and want more info on our services, message us at info@psphotography with your wedding date and location and let us know which of our services you're interested in. We offer photo, video, photobooth and engagements.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our website!

Right now we're waiving the session fee on 45 minute engagement shoots for brides who are interested in booking the wedding with us, but want to see themselves in our work first.  The session will be free and you can decide what you want to order at your ordering session 2.5-3 weeks after the shoot.  The shoot can happen in Seattle, Puyallup or Tacoma for this deal.  There is no minimum order required.  For more info on booking an engagement shoot with us, message us at

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Apply to be in a PS Photography Commercial in the Seattle area  photo 2013-02-14_0003_zps0000a0b0.jpg

We're excited to announce that we're planning our first PS Photography wedding and engagement promotional video.  We're looking for a few couples who want to be in our commercial which will be posted on our website and social media networks.  In exchange for your time, we're offering you a free engagement shoot, which normally starts at $300!  If you're interested, we'd love to have you apply.  On March 9th, we'll announce the couples that we have selected to have work with us on this project. 



Who are we looking for?

-You must be an engaged couple.  Please do not apply if you're married, single, or not in the wedding planning process.
-We don't care where you live or where you are getting married, but you must be able to shoot in both Seattle and Mountlake Terrace, WA.
-You must not have already contracted with another wedding photographer.  You can be a PS Photography client or have not yet hired a photographer.  Out of professional courtesy to our fellow professional wedding photographers, we cannot have another photographer's clients in our commercial.  If you've already hired another photographer for your wedding, we're sorry to say that we won't be able to work with you on this commercial project.
-We are looking for a couple who is madly in love with each other and not afraid to show it on camera.
-We are looking for a stylish couple, and although not required, we do recommend that females get their hair and makeup professionally done for this shoot.
-If you win, you must be willing to have your engagement session filmed, as well as come up to our Mountlake Terrace studio and give a video testimony of your experience working with PS Photography.  We will also ask for a written review as well.
-Your accepting this shoot will be considered your agreement to a full model release.

What do you get out of this?

-We will choose two couples to have their engagement shoots filmed for the commercial.  They will get a 1-2 hour shoot at 1-2 locations.  They can bring up to three different outfits as well as props.  They will get the shoot, as well as their 20 favorite images in high resolution with printing and sharing rights and a 16x20 print of their favorite image. They will agree to provide a video and written testimony of their experience working with PS Photography.
-We will choose three additional couples to receive free engagement shoots; however, these shoots will not need to be filmed.  These couples will get a 45 minute engagement session and their favorite 15 images in high resolution on disk with printing and sharing rights.  They can bring up to 2 outfits and as many props as you want.   These three couples agree to come to our Mountlake Terrace studio and give a video testimony of their experience working with PS Photography as well as give a written review. 


How to apply:

-We want to know about you!  Send a message to  The subject of your message must include PS Photography Commercial Application.  You can add your names to the title of the message too so that it's a little easier to sort.
-Tell us about you.  If you have an interesting proposal story or story about how you met or things you've gone through together, we want to hear it.  Tell us a little about your wedding and your wedding style.
-Let us know how long you've been engaged and when you're wedding will be taking place.
-Attach a photo or two of the two of you.
-Let us know what you love about our work and why you would like this opportunity to work with us on this commercial.
-If there's anything else you want us to know about the two of you or your wedding, let us know that too.


Who will we choose?

It's not everyday that we give out free shoots, and we are putting a lot into this project, so we're not going to make our decisions lightly.  We want to work with couples who love our work and will be excited to talk about their experience working with us.  We want fun and passionate couples who are in the active process of planning their weddings.  Most importantly, we want to work with couples that we connect and click with.  We will be choosing these couples based on who we feel will best represent our business.  On March 9th, we'll announce the couples that we have selected to have work with us on this project.  We will be contacting these couples through email as well as making the announcement on our facebook page at


Check out our site at:
LIKE us on Facebook at:
Follow us on Pinterest at:



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Seattle and Mountlake Terrace Boudoir Photographer PS Photography Boudoir FAQ's:  What to Expect at Your Shoot

A few quick FAQs:
-Your photographer and editor will be a female.
-We do not provide hair and makeup; however, if you are able, we highly recommend that all our clients get their hair and makeup professionally done.
-You can bring up to three outfits t
o wear.
-The turn around time is approx. 3 weeks from your shoot date, so make sure you book with enough time; however, we do have some rush processing options for a small fee.
-You can bring a friend to the shoot if you wish, but it will need to be a female.
-Once your photos are done, you'll come in studio and choose the ones you want. You may bring a friend or significant other to this appointment. Males may not be present at the shoot, but can come to the photo viewing session.
-There will be more options for additional prints and images. We will go over those prices at your consultation. Prints start at $21 and go up to $95. Digital images, start at $30 and go up to $450. Albums start at $495. We will discuss all those options after your shoot.
-Any images you get on disk are yours. You have full printing and sharing rights over those images. The only thing you cannot do with them is sell them.
-All photos have basic retouching done. If you want advanced editing, such as skin softening and body contouring, that can be done for a small fee. Most people love the photos with the original edits, and don't see a need for advanced editing, so I recommend you view the photos first, and then decide if you want to add extra editing to your package.
-I will not use your photos in my portfolio without your permission, but if you do allow me to use them, I will offer you some discounts on additional images.
-You will receive tons more details and ideas for preparing for your shoot in an auto message once you schedule your shoot at
-To view more of our boudoir work, you can go to and sign into the guestbook in our boudoir section.
-If you bought a LivingSocial or Groupon, you can schedule at without paying anything additional, just make sure you enter your voucher number when scheduling. If you accepted the Facebook Valentines deal, or would like to purchase a shoot, you can pay directly through the scheduling site.
-If you have anymore questions, you can contact me at ; however, I shoot a lot, so my communication is sometimes delayed. It's best if you can schedule and get your confirmation message and see if your questions can be answered in there. If they cannot, then feel free to send me a message. You can also post questions here so that others can see my response.
-Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!

 photo 2013-02-11_0012_zpse293b648.jpg

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Seattle Boudoir Photography: Build Self-Confidence Seattle Boudoir Photographer - PS Photography
Boudoir Photos Build Self Confidence

Today I had a post shoot consultation with one of my boudoir clients, and  this consultation was a little different than most.  Although I'm not quite comfortable having males at the shoot, I've recently decided to allow them to come to the photo viewing appointment that takes place a couple of weeks after the shoot, because that way he can help choose the photos he loves of my client.  Today was the first time that a significant other has come to the photo viewing.

While the clients are viewing the photos initially, I go in the other room so they can do that in private.  I could hear them out their giggling a little and talking about how great the photos turned out.  Of course that made me feel good. I love when my clients love the photos.  But what happened next was a lot more significant to me and made me feel so great about my work.  Some people disapprove of shoots like this and only see it as a sexual thing.  There's a lot more to it, and my clients spouse made that clear today.  He was overwhelmed in a good way.  He thanked me for offering this service and told me how great it was.  He said that his wife is a stunning and beautiful woman that he loves dearly, but that she doesn't always see herself as that, and that she's often self-conscience or insecure.  He saw a transformation in her through this shoot.  He said that he saw her seeing her true beauty while going through the photos.  He saw her seeing herself the way he sees her, and that was very meaningful and impactful to him. He couldn't stop thanking me for giving his wife that experience. 

It's things that this that make my job so important.  I'm glad that I can help strengthen relationships and that I can help women see their true beauty and gain self-confidence.  Boudoir photography is a lot more than it may seem to some, and I am so thankful that I am able to do this for others.

 photo 2013-02-11_0013_zpsd08d33ad.jpg

Please check out the boudoir section of our site at and if you're ready to book your session, just go to

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