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For Professionals

Professionals use headshots to let their clients, potential clients, and potential employers know something about themselves -- something a little more than what they look like. A good headshot shows off your personality. It shows who you are.

For Actors

You need to have a headshot that represents what you really look like and it needs to be updated every time that changes. That means every year or two you will need to get a new headshot. Every time you decide to make a change like growing a beard or getting plugs in your ears, you'll need to make sure you have a photo that represents that to a casting director. You don't want any surprises when you show up with your mohawk and the photo they were looking at was a clean cut guy in a suit.

There's a little more to it than getting a good likeness, though. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the head of one of the major talent agencies in LA and asking him some questions about what he's looking for. I've also spoken with a couple of casting directors to get their input, and this allows us to give you the advantage when trying to get noticed.

For Models

Modeling agencies have pretty specific requirements for submissions. If you're interested in getting into modeling it may be nice to have a bunch of fun stuff to put in your portfolio, but that's not going to really show what you look like. If you are interested in submitting to a modeling agency, we can get you the photos they are looking for.

For Dating Websites and Social Media

It is really important when creating a profile on a dating website to show who you are. You want to have a beautiful image that people want to look at, with good lighting and composition that flatters your features. Well, if you want anyone to contact you, anyway. Using a camera phone to take a selfie in the bathroom just isn't going to get the kind of responses most people want. Getting a good quality headshot that shows what you really look like -- in the best possible light -- is going to make that dating profile worthwhile.

If you work with us for your dating profile photos and you get engaged, let us know and we'll give you a free engagement session (Terms and conditions apply. Please inquire).

Pricing and Session Info

Package A

Two digital images -- close up and full body
Up to 30 minutes
Can purchase more images
Single outfit
On location
$250 (add half hour and outfit change -- one hour total)
+$75 hair or makeup
+$100 hair and makeup

Package B

10 digital images
Can purchase more images
2-3 outfits
Studio and/or outdoors
Up to 1 1/2 hours
+$75 hair or makeup
+$100 hair and makeup

Package C

20 digital images
Can purchase more images
2-4 outfits (or as many as you want to cram in)
Studio and/or outdoors
1-2 hours
Hair and makeup included

Group Rate

If you need headshots for your whole staff, or if you want to get together with all your actor buddies in order to get a better deal, we have some group options. Group rate includes two photos and 50% off additional images. Hair and makeup extra if desired (see Package A).

Up to 5 headshots: $125/ea

Up to 10 headshots: $95/ea

More than 10 headshots: $70/ea