PS Photography & Video was started five years ago by award-winning photographers Jonathan and Trina Heppner. Married for eight years, Jonathan and Trina complement each other perfectly as photographers.

Jonathan has an extensive background as a photojournalist and reconnaissance photographer in the army, and has 17 years experience. With a strong technical background he mentored Trina and still teaches photography to other photographers. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Jonathan has a background and education in film production and has become an exceptional creator of wedding films.

Trina has had a passion for photography her whole life. Her ability to pose subjects and capture the most flattering images has set her apart as a world class photographer. She was the driving force behind PS Photography & Video and really got it off the ground while Jonathan was finishing his degree. Her talent has caused PS Photography & Video to flourish, with over 12,000 "Likes" on Facebook in just a couple of years. She maintains an interesting Pinterest which is always worth checking out.

They are a great team if you want two photographers for your wedding, or if you want photography and video. If you only need one photographer, either one of them will be able to provide you with an outstanding photography experience.