Why Boudoir? By Seattle Boudoir Photographer PS Photography

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Why Boudoir?
Boudoir photography is quickly becoming popular.  The biggest reason is that these sexy photos make great gifts.  They can be given from a bride to her groom on the wedding day or as a honeymoon gift.  They can be given from a military s/o to her deployed soldier. They can also be give as a birthday or anniversary gift, or just because.


What a lot of people don't consider is that these photos also make great gifts for you to give yourself ladies.  Most of my clients come here feeling a little nervous, and insecure about their bodies.  When they leave, they tell me that the shoot was so much fun and an awesome experience.  In fact, many of my clients let me know that they'll be back in a few months to do it again.  When they come back to view the photos, they're always in love with them.  I've had so many of my clients tell me that they've never seen themselves so beautiful.  They thank me for showing them how stunning they really are, and most of them end up getting the whole disk because they don't want to leave these photos behind.  This really is a fun, confidence building experience.  I promise, you'll love it! :)

What Others Say About Boudoir with Trina:

Boudoir shoots make awesome grooms gifts, and I can get a couple more ladies in before Valentines too. If you want to find out more about the experience, watch this short video :) The boudoir studio is located in North Tacoma, but can also be done at our Mountlake Terrace studio.

Posted by PS Photography by Trina and Jonathan on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PS Photography Boudoir FAQ's:  What to Expect at Your Shoot

A few quick FAQs:
-Your photographer will be a female :)
-We highly recommend all of our clients get their hair and makeup professionally done.  If you're looking for recommendations of stylists, we can certainly recommend some.  Check the bottom of this page for some recommendations.  Unless you booked a session that comes with hair and makeup, please come to the studio fully ready so that getting your hair and makeup ready will not take out of your shoot time.

-For a 45 minute session, we recommend 3 outfits.  Since change time does take out of the shoot time, we are generally not able to
accommodate more than 3 outfits (you can bring a 4th just in case we have time).  Although we have clothing options at the studio, it's recommended that you bring your own that you know you love and you know fit.  However, if you want to browse through what we have, you can certainly do that.  What people choose to wear varies greatly. Some people like to wear a cute dress, while others a corset, cute bra set, night gown, jersey, or even topless with just underwear or jeans on.  I don't shoot full nudes, but if you want some topless shots, we can do that. 
-The turn around time is approx. 3 weeks from your shoot date, so make sure you book with enough time; however, we do have some rush processing options for a small fee.
-You can bring a friend to the shoot if you wish, but it will need to be a female. Friends are NOT permitted to take photos with their camera or cell phone.  If I see someone taking photos during the shoot I will ask them to stop and things will probably be awkward from that point on.  If they continue, the shoot will be over and any remaining session time will be forfeited.  If you are bringing a friend to your shoot, it is your responsibility to let them know that other than the hired photographer, photography is NOT permitted in the studio at anytime. 
-Once your photos are done, you'll come in studio and choose the ones you want. All photo ordering sessions happen in studio.  There are no exceptions.  All decisions do have to be made at this appointment.
-Although there is no pressure to get anything beyond your package, all our clients love their photos almost all of them do invest in more.  Most clients spend between $400-$1200 on additional images/products.  You can view the full pricing guide here.
-Any images you get in a digital format are for digital use only.  Any prints you would like do have to be ordered through us.  We take great pride in our work and want you to have beautifully displayed images that have been professionally printed.
-All photos have basic retouching done, and some may have skin softening. If you want advanced editing on more photos, such as skin softening and body contouring, that can be done for $20 per edit, per image.  Certain edits may need to be outsourced and I'll have to provide a custom quote for those.  Most people love the photos with the original edits, and don't see a need for advanced editing, so I recommend you view the photos first, and then decide if you want to add extra editing to your package.
-I will not use your photos in my portfolio without your permission.
-All shoots, photo ordering sessions and print/album pick ups are by appointment only.  Please only show up at the studio if you have an appointment.  To schedule an appointment, go to
-All scheduling happens online at http://psphotography.brownbookit.com/schedules/trina  I recommend scheduling from a computer and not a mobile device as mobile devices sometimes don't finish the booking process. Once you schedule you'll get an auto confirmation in your email.  If you don't get that auto confirmation, message us at [email protected] to verify that you're on the calendar.
-Any dates showing on the calendar that do not show time slots are already fully booked.  If someone cancels for that day, the tim eslot will appear back on the calendar at that time.  I typically don't book more than 5-6 weeks out and cannot take custom date requests at this time.  What's listed on the calendar is my complete availability.
-If you have any questions about your appointment that have not been addressed here, you can messages me at [email protected] Please do NOT message me on Facebook messenger. I do not have it on my phone and will likely not get any messages sent through messenger.  Even if I do get a message and respond to it, please do all future correspondence through my email at [email protected]   Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your shoot.  If you cancel or wish to reschedule and give me less than 72 hours notice, there is a $29 rescheduling fee.  There are no exceptions as I likely turned people away from that slot and already committed to pay my babysitter for that time.
-If you are more than 20 minutes late, I will assume you are a no show and may leave the studio or start my next session.  If you are going to be more than 20 minutes late, you must email me at [email protected] and/or text 206-900-1336 letting me know you are still coming and we will shoot with whatever time is still left in your time-slot.  I am unable to go over time as I will likely have another appointment after yours.  If you miss your appointment or show up late, you will not receive a refund.  All retainers/session fees are non-refundable.  So please make sure to map on the address in advance and plan for traffic and other obstacles. 
-Only females will be in studio during your shoot. Often it will only be me (Trina).  Sometimes my administrative assistant, Grace, will be in studio. Very occasionally I may have another female client in another room viewing her images while the shoot is happening.  
-I mostly shoot Monday-Friday.  As a wedding photographer, I have to reserve most of my weekends for weddings, and do not offer boudoir on the weekends.  Most shoots happen during the daytime, but I try to keep some evening options available for those who need that.  You can check my calendar at 
http://psphotography.brownbookit.com/schedules/trina  (If I have weekends or evenings available I may add them to the calendar for boudoir, but I cannot promise weekends).  
-The studio is located at 313 S 7th St, Tacoma, WA.  There is metered parking on our street; however, you can typically drive a block or two away and find free street parking.  We are in an orange building.  You'll go up a few steps to get to the studio.  There is a pizza place next to us and a skate shop below us.  We are on 7th, between Market and Broadway.
-To view more of our boudoir work, you can go to http://psphotography-video.com and click the link for the boudoir section.
-If you have anymore questions, you can contact me at [email protected] and Grace (my administrative assistant) or I will get back to you.  You can also reach us at 206-900-1336; however, since we're with clients most of our time, we can't always answer the phone. If you call, be sure to leave your full name, a detailed message and the best way to reach you and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
-Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!

Hair and Makeup Recommendations
-Most clients love their photos even more if they got their hair and makeup professionally done. I also find those that get their hair and makeup done often feel more confident during the shoot.  Here are some ladies that I have worked with and highly recommend.  If you do decide to go with one of them, make sure you let them know that you're having your shoot with me.  Please note that because I'm often shooting back to back, your hair and makeup time cannot happen at my studio.  You will have to go to your stylists location, have them come to you if they're willing, or meet them somewhere.  Thanks for understanding, and feel free to check out these awesome ladies!

-Amanda Pierce with A Second Look

-Jin Mi with Miss Priss Brow and Lash

-Arianna Scott with Arianna Scott Makeup Artist

-Irina's Glamour Artistry (makeup only)
Lakewood, WA

-Brooke MUA

-Eugenia Sh

Are you Getting Married?  Brides, we do Weddings too!
-If you're getting married and want more info on our services, message us at info@psphotography with your wedding date and location and let us know which of our services you're interested in. We offer photo, video, photobooth and engagements.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our website!

Right now we're waiving the session fee on 45 minute engagement shoots for brides who are interested in booking the wedding with us, but want to see themselves in our work first.  The session will be free and you can decide what you want to order at your ordering session 2.5-3 weeks after the shoot.  The shoot can happen in Seattle, Puyallup or Tacoma for this deal.  There is no minimum order required.  For more info on booking an engagement shoot with us, message us at [email protected]

Love our work?
Please take a moment to help my business by voting for us as the best photographer and videographer in the King 5 Best of Western WA contest.  Just go to http://best.king5.com/ps-photography-and-video/biz/596382 and hit the vote now button and choose photographer and you can do it a second time to vote for us as video.  We really appreciate your support! :) <3


June 25 2020 like to book a photo shot with you
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I love it she made me feel special about my self. I love it
Hello I am trying to make a appointment so I can come get pics taken so how can I get in
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