PS Photography & Video | Valentines 2018 Boudoir Sale!

Valentines 2018 Boudoir Sale!

January 28, 2018

Hello gorgeous ladies!  I hope you have a very amazing Valentines Day.  In honor of Valentines, we hare having a huge sale on the session fee. 

Valentines 2018 Sale:

A 45 minute shoot is normally $300 for the session fee.  That covers the shoot itself and does NOT include digitals, prints or products.  Approximately 2-3 weeks after your shoot you'll come back to the studio choose what you want to purchase.  However, right now we're offering our 2018 Valentines Sale.  With this special, instead of paying $300 for the session fee, you pay just $60 for the session fee. The session fee needs to be paid within 24 hours of receiving the invoice- NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can book for any date listed on the calendar.  There are still February, March and April dates available, but dates are starting to get limited and no new dates will be added.  So if you want to work with me, you need to book ASAP.  I will only be offering this deal to the first 50 people who book.  Over 50 people said they are interested, but only 50 of you will get this opportunity.  Once 50 people book, my calendar will be closed and since I will have to leave this studio, I may not open any more dates for this location.


You can view the PS Photography Boudoir What to Expect and How to Prepare Guide at:

You can view the 2018 pricing guide at PS Photography Boudoir Pricing Guide at :

You can view reviews and what people are saying about working with me at

Ready to book?  The $60 session fee is a non-refundable retainer to hold your date- NO EXCEPTIONS.  It must be paid within 24 hours of receiving the online invoice.  If you need to reschedule, you must message us at and give us at least 72 hours notice.  Any reschedules, need to take place no later than April 7th 2018 and must be chosen from a date/time still available on our calendar.

To schedule, go to our online calendar at  The dates listed on the calendar are my complete availability.  We do all of our bookings online, so you'll have to use this link to schedule. Sometimes it gives mobile devices issues, so if you're not able to schedule from a mobile device, you'll have to use a computer.  Once you are scheduled, you'll receive an auto confirmation.  If for any reason you do not get the confirmation, please message me at to make sure that your appointment went through.  Do NOT send me Facebook messages.  Please send all business messages to

Steps to Book a Session:
-STEP 1: Read the What to Expect and How to Prepare Guide and Review the 2018 Pricing Guide
-STEP 3: Choose a date from the drop down menu.  
-STEP 4: Select CODE (do NOT select session fee or it will try to make you pay the full $300)
-STEP 5: Choose a time listed.  If no times are listed at this step, that means that date is fully booked and you'll have to go back and try a different date.  Most dates will have time availability, but especially any available weekend dates book quickly.
-STEP 6: Fill out your contact info.  To get the Valentines Deal, in the CODE box, type: VALENTINES
Make sure you type your info, especially your email address, correctly or we may not be able to contact you.  Also make sure you list the CODE VALENTINES so you don't get an invoice for the full price.  The online invoice will be emailed to you within 12 hours of you scheduling and you'll have 24 hours to have it paid from the time it is delivered.
-STEP 7: Click the "reserve my appointment" button and you'll receive an auto confirmation in your email inbox.  If you do not get this confirmation, please message us at to make sure your appointment went through.  

Once all of those things are done, we'll get an email with your appointment info.  I will send you an online invoice.  If that isn't paid right away, I (Trina- your photographer) will have Grace (my assistant) or Jonathan (my husband and business partner) call you to take your $60 payment.  We can take any card type except for American Express. From the time we attempt to contact you, you'll have 24 hours to make the payment.  If we reach out to you when you're unavailable, please try to get back to them as soon as possible so that we know you really want the shoot. If you want to cancel your shoot, please contact us rather than just ignoring us or not showing.  But please don't book unless you're 100% certain you want the shoot and you're ready to pay the session fee.  

Again, this Valentines Deal is only available for any date currently listed on our calendar.  So if you want to take advantage of it, schedule as soon as possible.  Once I feel at capacity, I will no longer offer this deal, and it is on a first come first serve basis.  I will be taking no more than 50 more sessions.  

Please do NOT message me through Facebook as I may not get the message. is the best way to reach us and Grace or I will respond to you.  Before messaging with questions about the shoot, be sure to check out the what to expect and how to prepare guide as most questions we get asked are answered in there.  

Quick FAQ:
-The studio is located at 313 S 7th St, Tacoma, WA.
-2-3 outfits typically fits the time best.  You can bring a 4th outfit just in case there is time.  Although I have things at the studio you can use, I recommend you bring your own so you know you have things you love and work for you.  
-Hair and makeup should be done before arriving as no to cut into the shoot time.
-Males are not allowed in the studio while the shoot is taking place.  This shoot is available to females 21 and over.  
-Approx 2-3 weeks after the shoot your images will be ready and I'll have you come back to the studio for your ordering session where you'll choose what you want to purchase.
-Your $60 session fee is Non-Refundable - no exceptions.  It also acts as retainer to hold your date.  If you need to reschedule to another date on our calendar, you must email us at at least 72 hours before your shoot requesting a new date and you'll have to choose from the dates listed on our current calendar at that time.


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